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Omega Avionics


The Omega flight computer uses with a 600mhz Cortex M7 CPU for ultra fast in-flight decisions. The computer will prioritize different functions based on the state of the flight. With 3 built-in pyrotechnic channels you can do anything from firing a second stage motor to deploying a set of landing legs for a swift touchdown.
Screenshot 2020-09-17 122536.png
Screenshot 2020-09-17 122650.png


In-flight, Omega logs data to a micro-sd card at 50hz. The speed can be adjustable based on what the user desires. Vehicle orientation, servo outputs, altitude, temperature, and velocity can all be recorded by the computer. Upon landing, the flight computer will close out data transmission to the sd-card.


The software will track data coming in from its sensors before launch to make sure its safe in case a abort needs to be called. It makes sure it can communicate through the I2C bus with the barometer and gyroscopes. Once launch has been detected, Omega will begin to correct the rocket as it flies, and datalogging will begin. If the rocket tilts past 45 degrees on any axis during the flight, an abort will be called and the rocket will deploy its parachutes for a safe landing.
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